Via Ferrata Lago di Garda in may/june

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Via Ferrata Lago di Garda in may/june

Beitragvon skirolf » 13 April 2009 13:26

My first message to this forum. Answers in both german and english are welcome.

My friend and I are planning a climbing/via ferrata tour. The tour will be approx 4-5 days in may/june this year. Is this to early as I know there were a lot of snow this year? We have so far not decided where to go and hope You please could give us some advice, where to go. Here is some background information about us:

Done up to grade 4 routes in Norway, Jotunheimen and Hurrungane, the most alpine areas in Norway
First time in Via Ferrata
Done several glacier climbs and walks in Norway
Myself have been skiing, both on and off piste, the Dolomites for the last years, based I Arabba.
We will arrive in Bergamo and have a rental car.
We love good weather and dislike rainy weather so therefore we want to go to places with good weather statistics
Staying overnight in refugios is great, save long approach walks. If several Via Ferrata Lago di Garda on the same place, would be great
Age 50-60 years
A little used to rope climbing
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Beitragvon Ralf » 19 April 2009 13:08

hi skirolf,

I suppose that in the alps in may/june in the higher regions will be a lot of snow left - due to the snowy winter... best hints for several tours at one place would be:
- Lago di Garda / Italy => north end of the sea Riva/Arco - here you will find several vie ferrate that are worth a climb (monte albano, colodri, CIMA SAT, CIMA CAPI, etc.)
- Lago di Como / Itay => south east end of the sea Lecco - here you will find several vie ferrate that are worth a climb (GAMMA I+II, Ferrata Gruppo Alpini, Ferrata Due Mani, etc.)
- Längenfeld / Ötztal / Austria => Reinhard-Schiestl-Klettersteig, Lehner Wasserfall, Umhausen Stuibenfall, etc.

all routes above 2000m could be still "under snow" in may/june

Viele Grüße, Ralf

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